Wellhead Devices Leakage Test System

Wellhead Devices Leak Test System (P/N: A2013)


     · SY/T5053.1~2000    ·SY/T5127 ~ 2002   
     ·  API Spec 16C           ·API Spec 6A /ISO 10423   
     ·  API Spec 16A /ISO 13533



Wellhead Devices Leak Test System can be used to perform up to 2,100bar leakage test  for blowout preventer, christmas tree, choke & kill manifolds and etc.




  ·  Test media can be compressed air or N2 with a capability of testing on differential pressure levels such as 35Mpa, 140Mpa, 150Mpa, 210MPa

  ·  The testing process is fully controlled by PC, all the settings and operations could be fulfilled on the control panel; meanwhile, the remote control allows the operators to manually control all the valves without a real site operation.

    ·  Automatic data acquisition supports real-time display of pressure values, time and pressure-time curves. Testing results can be saved and printed out for further analysis.

    ·  All-round monitoring of test process, and the video archive is available.

    ·  Dual pressure releasing devices--PC automatic pressure release & manual pressure release, more reliable and safer.

    ·  All high pressure valves, tubing and pump made in USA with 316SS to guarantee the test precision and stability.

    ·  Electrical control strictly sticking to industry standard with sophisticated industrial control computer and PCI provides more reliable performance and precise data.

    ·  Industrial nitrogen cylinders, nitrogen generator and booster, high pressure air compressor three options for customers to choose.


Model selection:


P/N Test Pressure Operation Test Medium
A2013-035-A/M-A/N 35MPa Manual/Auto Air/Nitrogen
A2013-070-A/M-A/N 70MPa Manual/Auto Air/Nitrogen
A2013-105-A/M-A/N 105MPa Manual/Auto Air/Nitrogen
A2013-140-A/M-A/N 140MPa Manual/Auto Air/Nitrogen
A2013-210-A/M-A/N 210MPa Manual/Auto Air/Nitrogen

wellhead devices leak test system


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