Wellhead Devices Hydraulic Test System

Wellhead Devices Hydraulic Test System (P/N: A2012)




     ·SY/T5053.1~2000                 ·API Spec 6A /ISO 10423
·API Spec 16A/ISO 13533       ·API Spec 16C 
·SY/T5127 ~ 2002



Wellhead devices hydraulic test system is designed for hydrostatic pressure test of BOP (blowout preventer), christmas tree, choke & kill manifolds, etc.




    · Test media can be water or oil with a wide range of testing pressure from 35MPa-280Mpa.

    ·  The testing process is fully controlled by PC, all the settings and operations could be fulfilled on the control panel, meanwhile, the remote control allows the operators to manually control all the valves without a real site operation.

    ·  Automatic data acquisition supports real-time display of pressure values, flow and time. Testing data can be saved and printed out for further analysis.

    ·  All-round monitoring of test process, and the video archive is available.

    ·  Electrical control strictly sticking to industry standard with sophisticated industrial control computer and data acquisition cards provides more reliable performance and precise data.

    ·  All high pressure valves, tubing and pump made in USA with 316SS to guarantee the test precision and stability.

    ·  Dual pressure releasing devices--PC automatic pressure release & manual pressure release, more reliable and safer.


Model selection table:  


P/N Test Pressure Operation Test Medium
A2012-035-A/M-W/O 35MPa Manual/Auto Water/Oil
A2012-070-A/M-W/O 70MPa Manual/Auto Water/Oil
A2012-105-A/M-W/O 105MPa Manual/Auto Water/Oil
A2012-140-A/M-W/O 140MPa Manual/Auto Water/Oil
A2012-210-A/M-W/O 210MPa Manual/Auto Water/Oil
A2012-280-A/M-W/O 280MPa Manual/Auto Water/Oil

Hydraulic test system for BOP (blowout preventer), christmas tree,

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