Subsurface Safety Valve (SSSV)

Subsurface Safety Valve (SSSV)


A subsurfcae safety valve is essentially a shutdown valve used at the upper wellbore for emergency shutdown to safeguard the production tubings and wellhead in case of fire, overpressure or other abnormal situations. Purpose of a subsurface safety valve (SSSV) isto avoid the ultimate disaster which can result in release of reservoir fluids to the surroundings.

Technical Data

Normal Size: 1.87”,2.31”,2.81”,3.81”
·Working Pressure: Normal pressure: 5,000~6,000psi
                                 High pressure: 10,000~15,000psi
·Working Temperature: -6.7℃~149℃
·Setting Depth: not less than 30 meters

Features & Benefits

A P I S P E C 1 4 A          ·A P I R P 1 4 B        ·A P I R P 1 4 C
·A P I S P E C 6 A V 1       ·A P I R P 1 4 H        ·S Y / T 1 0 0 0 6


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