Solar Power System

Solar Power System


Solar Power Syste is Served as power source of 24VDC for wellhead control panels and RTU system.

Features & Benefits

Sustainable and stable 24VDC power supply with a load power of more than 80W;
·At least 7days continuous power supply in the day of overcast and rainy;
·Outstanding polysilicon solar cells, stabilized conversion efficiency (≥13%);
·Countercurrent chopping device effectively reduced the loss of electrode discharge;
·Maintenance-free lead acid battery, long service life and reliable quality;
·Redundant design with Double battery packs, each pack is allowed to be removed, changed or maintained for 48hours without interrupting the normal operations of safety control panels or RTU system;
·Equipped with undervoltage and overvoltage protections;
·Solar power controller supports RS232/RS485 interface, and remote control via SCADA system;
·Automatic alarm to battery voltage, charge/discharge current, ambient temp and other failures.

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