Single Well Control Panels (Pneumatic)

Single Well Control Panels (Pneumatic)


The single well control panels are used for monitoring and controlling of surface and subsurface controlled safety valves (typically as SSV, SCSSV) for oil & gas fields to ensure the safety operations (On-off) of unattended oil & gas wells. 
Operating environment: onshore, offshore or artificial islands, including the harsh environment such as desert, or the fields that feature high pressure, high-yield and high risk.Driving method: compressed air, N2 or nature gas

Technical Data

·Output pressure range:0~15,000psi
·Control valves:SCSSV & SSV
·Gases/air source pressure:80~100psi
·Environment temp:-40~60 ℃
·Fusible plug melting temp:130℃
·Explosion-proof grade:Exd II BT4
·Protection grade:IP65
·Driving gases/air:150psi, 1.5Nm3/min
 Single Well Control Panels pneumatic

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