Single Well Control Panels (Manual Control)

Single Well Control Panels (Manual)


The manually operated single well control panels adopt hand pumps as high pressure source to achieve the on-off operations to SSV & SCSSV of oil and gas wells, especially fitted for the circumstance where is lacking of air and power source.

Technical Data

·Control valves: SCSSV & SSV
·Output pressure: 3,000psi/5,000psi/10,000psi/15,000psi
·Environment temp.: -40~60 ℃
·Reservoir volume: 20L

Optional Configurations

Manually Controlled Remote ESD
·Fusible plug: 160℉(71℃), 212℉(100℃),255℉(124℃),281℉(138℃)
·High/Low Pilots

 Single Well Control Panels Manual

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