Single Well Control Panels (Electric)

Single Well Control Panels (Electric)


Single Well, Wellhead Control Panel is used for the control, monitoring and safety of oil & gas wells (typically control of SSV, SCSSV, WV and other hydraulic valves). 

Operating environment: onshore, offshore or artificial islands, including the harsh environment such as  desert, or the fields that feature high pressure, high-yield and high risk.

Technical Data

Output pressure range: 0~15,000psi
·Control valves: SCSSV & SSV
·Pilots control pressure: 80~100psi
·Environment temp: -40~60℃
·Fusible plug melting temp: 160℉(71℃), 212℉(100℃),
·Explosion-proof grade: Exd II BT4
·Protection grade: IP65
·Power supply: 220~230V & 380~400V, 50/60Hz

 Single Well Control Panels

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