SCSSV Comprehensive Test System

SCSSV Comprehensive Test System


  · API Spec 14A-2000


SCSSV Comprehensive Test System is a highly versatile pressure testing system, which is able to carry out verification test and function test on SCSSV (Surface controlled Subsurface Safety Valve) as per API 14A, including: gas/liquid flow test, leakage test and temp control test, etc.


Technical Data

Gas Flow Test:

   · Test medium: compressed air.

   ·  Test pressure: 2000-2500psi.

   ·  Pressure precision: 0.5%

   ·  Pressure control precision: 1%



   · Flowrate: 10-600,000M3/d

Liquid Flow Test:

   · Test medium: water and mud

   ·  Water flow: 79-2,800M3/d

   ·  Mud flow: 79-935M3/d

   · Test pressure: 2000-2500psi

   · Pressure precision: 0.5%

   · Pressure control precision: 1%

Leakage Test:

   · Test medium: Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Methane, Water and Mud

   ·   Test pressure: Compressed air: 0-140Mpa
                             Nitrogen: 0-140Mpa
                             Methane: 2.8Mpa
                             Water: 200Mpa

   ·  Pressure precision: 0.5%

   ·  Pressure control precision: 1%

   · Liquid leakage measuring range: 0-10mL/min

   · Gas leakage measuring range: 0-140L/mi

Temp Control Test:

   · Test medium: Nitrogen

   ·  Test temp: 38℃±3℃     82℃±3℃

   ·  Test pressure: 0-140Mpa


   1. Fully automated test stand with high speed data acquisition system.

   2.   Control panel is available on test site. *(optinal)

   3.  All-round monitoring of test process, and the video archive is available

   4.  IVS test software is programmable, stable and reliable. 


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