Muffler, Catalytic Converter Test

Muffler, Catalytic Converter, Condenser, Radiator Leak Test Stand (P/N: A2022)


       ·  QC/T 630-1999


Technical data:

   ·  Test medium: Air

   ·  Test port: 1 port

   ·  Test pressure: 0.005~0.1MPa

   ·  Pressure control precision: 1%FS

   ·  Leakage measuring range: 0.1~30L/Min

   ·  Leakage measuring precision: 1%FS

   ·  Pressure measuring precision: ±0.25%FS

   ·  Timing precision: ±0.1%

   ·  Timing range: 0~999.99S

   ·  Temperature range: 5~40℃

   ·  Air pressure requirement:0.7MPa


Radiator Leak Test Stand



   ·  Electric and proportional control technology is used for pressure control, easier operation and higher precision.

      ·  Fully automatic operation controlled by PC. High speed data acquisition.

      ·  Testing report will be saved, and allows printed for further analysis.

      ·  The system will stop the test and releases the high pressure automatically even if power was cut off, ensure the safety of operators and equipment.


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