High/Low Temperature Test System for PR2 Valves

High/Low Temperature Test System for PR2 Valves


High/Low temperature test system is mainly designed to perform high & low temperature performance test on PR2 valves and wellhead equipment.

Testing types: strength test, gas leak test, dynamic open/close cycling pressure test at maximum/minimum temperature, valve body pressure/temperature cycling test, and operation force or torque measurement.

Technical Data:

Test medium: N2.

Test pressure: 0~140MPa.

Constant pressure range: 5%~100% FS.

Testing temp.: -59℃-121℃ *(or on request).

Temp. variation: ±2℃.

Pressure measuring accuracy: ±0.5% FS.

Pressure control precision: ±1% FS.

Torque measuring range: 200Nm~1500Nm *(or on request).

Drive air supply: 0.5MPa≤P≤1.0MPa.

Power supply: AC380V/50Hz.


Reference Standards:

API 6A, Spec 6A     GB  /T22513-2008     GB1059289

Features & Benefits:

1.Independent and separate pressure testing, detecting and controlling to upstream and downstream of valves.
2.Electro-motor for small torque valves’ operation; hydraulic-motor for big torque valves’ operation.
3.Custom H/L temp. test chamber guarantees the needs of specimen loading and handling spaces.
4.Specimen loading method: vertical top loading & side loading.
5.Automatic test fully controlled by PC+PLC. Manual operation is on standby (pushbuttons).
6.High speed data acquisition support real-time display of pressure, time and torque, etc.
7.Test results saved automatically and allowed to print out for a further analysis.
8.Remote control & monitor of testing process is available, and unmanned testing site maximize the safety operation of operators and facilities.
9.Automatic alarm and emergency shutdown against pressure drop/leaks, over-temperature, power-down & over-load, etc.

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