Gear-box Oil Cooler Test, Motor Oil Cooler Test

Gear-box Oil Cooler Test, Motor Oil Cooler Burst Test Stand (P/N: A2026)

       · JB/T7356-2005      · JB/T 6920 1993



   ·   Applied to the burst/proof pressure test of motor oil and gear-box oil cooler, etc. Widely used in production plant, R&D institutions and other units for the purpose of product quality testing/inspection


Technical data:

   ·  Test pressure: Max. 5MPa

   · Test port: 1port(can be extended to 2 ports) .

   ·  Pressure sensor precision: 0.5%FS

   ·  Constant pressure precision: ±2%FS

   ·  Timing range: 0~10000h;

   ·  Test medium: Water or Oil *(Optional)

   ·  Driven air supply: ≤7bar

   ·  Max air consumption: 1.6NM3/min

   ·  Power source: 220V AC

   ·  Dimension: 1500mm×650mm×1200mm



   · Fully automatic operation controlled by PLC, supports real time display of testing curves, pressure values and time, etc. 

   · Test data saved automatically when emergency or power down happens accidently.

   ·  User configuration on dwell time is applicable.

   ·  Automatic pressure compensating and stops after finishing tests.

   ·  All high pressure valves, pump, tubing and fittings made in USA with 316SS guarantee the high testing precision and stability.

   ·  Most of the liquid test medium are applicable.

   ·  Automatically alarms and terminates the test against over-load, overtime and leakage.


Pressurization mode(As shown):

                          Pressure strength: 5.0bar×3min,Burst pressure≥8bar(water)                    
                          Pressure strength: 20.0bar×3min,Burst pressure≥35bar (oil)


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