Fire Hydrant Test Stand

Fire Hydrant Test Stand (P/N:A2042)



      ·JB6904-93     · EN849-1996    · EN_ISO_14246



   ·  Hydraulic test on fire hydrant. Widely used in production plant, R&D institutions and other units for the purpose of product quality testing/inspection.


Technical data:

   ·  Test pressure:Max.200MPa

   ·  Test port:1port

   ·  Pressure sensor precision:0.5%FS

   ·  Constant pressure precision:-2%~+2%

   ·  Timing range :0-120min

   ·  Power source:220V AC

   ·  Dimension (main cabinet):1000mm×800mm×1200mm


Fire Hydrant Test Stand



    · Gate/brake valve, shutoff valve, check valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and diaphragm valve, etc

    · Fully automatic operation controlled by PLC, supports real time display of testing curves, pressure values and time, etc.

    · Testing reports saved automatically, and allows printed out for further analysis.

    · Multifunctional test unit: sealing performance/leak/hydraulic test.

    · akes air-operated pump as the high pressure source with a wide range of output pressure.

    · All high pressure valves, pump, tubing and fittings made in USA with 316SS to guarantee the high testing precision and stability.

    · Most of the liquid test medium are applicable.


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