Engine Body, Engine Cooler, Engine Radiator Test


Engine Body, Engine Casing, Engine Cooler, Engine Radiator Leak Test Stand (P/N: A2023)



  · Used mainly in the leakage test of all kinds of automobile sealing parts, such as cylinder block and head, gearbox casing, braking parts, cooling system assemblies, air reservoir and axle housing.

  ·  Extensively used in auto parts production plant, product quality testing/inspection, research institutions and other units of various automobile parts production testing/inspeciton, R&D.


Technical data:

  · Test pressure: Max. 5MPa

  · Test medium: Air

    · Test port: 1~3 ports (Optional)

    · Leakage measuring range: 5~30L /Min

    · Constant pressure precision: -0.5%~+0.5%

    · Timing range: 0~10000h

    ·Power source: 220V AC


Engine Radiator Leak Test Stand



 ·Fully automated test stand with high speed data acquisition system.

  · History screen and real-time display of pressure-time curves.

 · Test data saved automatically when emergency or power down happens accidently.

 · Unmanned testing site monitored by camera at real time。 *(optional)

 · All high pressure valves, pump, tubing and fittings made in USA with 316SS to guarantee the high testing precision and stability. 

 · Most of the liquid test medium are applicable.

 · Wide range of testing pressure from 5Kpa-5Mpa.

 · Automatically clamping and sealing, improved productivity and greatly reduced labor intensity

 · Automatically alarms and terminates the test against over-load, overtime and leakage.

 · Stable and reliable IVS-Test Software features easy operation and user-friendly interface.



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