Fuel Filter, Engine Oil Filter Test

Fuel Filter, Engine Oil Filter Leakage Test Stand (P/N: A2024)



      · JB-T 8122           · JB-T 5239



  ·  Specialized in the leak testing/inspection of auto and motorcycles’ fuel/oil filters. Extensively used in production plant, R&D institutions and other units for the purpose of product quality testing/inspection


Technical data:

  · Pressure range:0~7Bar;

  ·Test medium:Air (air pressure≤7Bar)

  · Test port:4 ports (extensible)

  ·  Pressure sensor precision:0.5%FS

  ·  Constant pressure precision:±2%

  · Power source:220V AC



  · Advanced valves, tubing and fittings to guarantee the high testing precision and stability, multiple samples can be tested independently.

  · The connectors and seals of filter can be easily replaced as per its different threads, automatic hoisting gear is available.

  · Low noise, compact design, easy operation and simple maintenance.

  ·  Test methods: bubble leak test or dry-type leak test.


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