Downhole Tools Performance Test System

Downhole Tools Performance Test System (P/N: A2014)     




     · SY/T6222      · SY/T5106      · SY/T5404     · SY/T5625      · SY/T5871



The downhole tools performance test system is designed for packer’s performance test under the simulated practical working conditions, and other down hole tools’ strength test under the conditions of high temp & pressure.



    ·  Strength test and pressure test on packers’set, unset.

    ·   Aging test, fatigue property or service life evaluation test on down hole rubber products under the conditions of high temp &     pressure, such as Packer elements, sealing rings, etc.

   ·  Strength tests on other down hole tools.

   ·  comprised of temperature chamber, pressure control stand and clamping devices.

   ·  Testing temp: 0-350℃.

   ·  Testing pressure: 0-150MPa

   ·  Operation mode: auto or/and manual


Model selection: 


 Down Hole Tools performance test system   packer’s performance test

P/N Test Pressure Operation Test Medium Test Temperature
A2014-035-A/M-G/O-350 35MPa Manual/Auto Gas/Oil 0-350℃
A2014-070-A/M-G/O-350 70MPa Manual/Auto Gas/Oil 0-350℃
A2014-105-A/M-G/O-350 105MPa Manual/Auto Gas/Oil 0-350℃

Down hole Tools Performance Test System

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