Choke Manifold Control System

Choke Manifold Control System


Choke manifold control system is a requisite equipment to maintain a stable bottom hole pressure after well kick or blowout through remote control the open/close of choke valves properly.

Technical Data

System Driving Mode: Electric pump: 380VAC, 220VAC
·Pneumatic pump: 75~120psi
·Control Pieces: 01pc
·Rated Output Oil Pressure: 900psi
·Max. Output Oil Pressure: 1,200psi
·Locale Pressure Acquisition Mode: Pneumatic signal
·Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃
·Quick Coupling Connection Size: M16*1.5, M22*1.5
·Hydraulic Oil: 10# Aircraft hydraulic oil
·Dimensions: 700 X 470 X 1200 mm
·Weight: 200 Kg

Reference Standards

APISPEC 16C                     ·SY/T 5323

 Choke Manifold Control System

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