Autofrettage System

Autofrettage System (P/N: G1000)

Autofrettage is a metal fabrication technique in which a pressure vessel is subjected to enormous pressure, causing internal portions of the part to yield and resulting in internal compressive residual stresses. The goal of autofrettage is to increase durability of the final product.



  • IVS autofrettage system is specially designed for gas cylinders, common rails, high pressure tubing,  ultrahigh pressure vessels, pipeline assembly and etc.
  • Technical data:

       · Pressure range: 0~1000MPa @ driven air 7bar

      ·Max. Output pressure: 1000MPa

       ·Ports: 6ports

       ·Medium: Water/Oil

       ·Rate of pressure rise/drop: 0~1MPa/min

       ·Pressure precision: ±0.5%FS

       ·Pressure control precision: ±1% (Max. Output pressure)

       ·Timing range: 0~1000H

       ·For more information, Please contact us.




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