Aero Hose Testers

 Aero Hoses Test Stand (P/N: A2031)


     · SAE.J157-100R       · SAE J2044  
     ·  Hydrostatic test of various kinds of metal/ nonmetal hoses, connectors/adapters and fittings.
 Technical data:

     · Test pressure: Max. 400Mpa

  · Test medium: Water/Aircraft Hydraulic Oil *(Optional)

  · Medium temperature: -40℃~150℃±3℃ *(Optional)

  ·  Test port: 1 port

  ·  Pressure precision: ±0.5%FS (For higher precision, please contact factory. )

  · Timing range: 0~999 h

  ·  Driven air: ≤7bar compressed air

  · Power source: 220V  AC

  · Dimension: 1500mm×1000mm×1200mm

 Aero Hoses Test Stand


  · Fully automatic operation controlled by PLC, supports real time display of pressure values and time, etc.

  ·  User configuration on test time is allowed, and Automatically stops after finishing tests.

  ·  Unmanned testing site monitored by camera at real time, *(optional).

  · All high pressure valves, pump, tubing and fittings made in USA with 316SS to guarantee the high testing precision and stability.

  · Most of the liquid test medium are applicable.

  · Automatically alarms and terminates the test against over-load, overtime and leakage.



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